Jon Mann sculpted his gnar in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia, where you play until the cops shut you down or your parents come home; he tends it in Brooklyn, New York. He came to the show to see you, and he's so excited that you're here. How've you been? Aww, put your hand down and get in here for the real thing. He bartends and writes about art and music to pay the bills while he gets a PhD (wait, what?) in Art History. He plays rock and roll with Paper Fleet and Best Behavior and came to the show to see you. He's so excited that you're here.



Bettina Katie Warshaw is the drummer for both The Rizzos and Ultragross. She is a girl drummer. She knows this, you don't need to point it out to her. She is learning how to be a better writer. She is a (not so) casual wannabe modern riot grrrl, because we need safe spaces, and we're going to make them. She has a big kid job working in podcasts, another project making a podcast (Swole Sisters!), and she helps run King Pizza Records. You'll find her at the show doing silly dance moves and probably singing along, but absolutely not crowd surfing.